Payton Heron

Full Body - Payton Heron

Payton Heron is a top fashion model in Second Life and has worked with over 250 fashion designers in print, video, tv, and runway shows. A graduate of the MODA Modeling School and member of the MODA Fashion Primetime Models.  She has devoted much of her career to runway work.

Payton is regarded as one of Second Life’s fashion legends who have helped make what fashion modeling is today and paved the way for upcoming models. While many models have all come and gone, Payton’s career has withstood the test of time as one of the top, hardworking, and most recognizable supermodels in Second Life’s fashion industry. She is represented by SL’s Top Fashion Agencies and garnered many high acclaimed awards including RUNWAY Model of the Year 2008.

Payton believes in giving back to the community and has used her modeling talent to benefit charitable organizations including RFL. In addition to modeling, she has worked in public relations and marketing for numerous SL fashion designers.  Payton also created two show production companies, RUNWAY Productions and Modavia Productions.  Most recently, she was the Lead Stylist for TOO SEXY Magazine for 3 years and offers modeling classes through MODA Modeling School.

Payton lives on one of the Irish Estates sims and has been in SL since may 2007.

Images of Payton can be found on

Head shot - Payton Heron


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