Cody Bolero

Cody Bolero by the fire


After surviving Second Life birth on November 15, 2006 and wandering around in his noobish ways for a while, Cody was soon dazzled by all the fun things to do in SL.  One of the best was making friends all over the world and Cody has made many though his down to earth friendliness and genuine charm.  In 2007 a good friend suggested that Cody consider modeling and perhaps go to an open model call which was soon to be held.  Never having thought about modeling, but always open to new ideas, he went, but wasn’t selected for the show.  Cody was sad.

The next week, however, Rusch Raymaker, CEO of Avenue Models contacted Cody and asked if he would be interested in attending modeling school at Avenue Academy.  The academy was an amazing experience for him and many new friends in the industry were made during the school.  After graduation, Cody was chosen to be an Avenue Model.

Now, 5 years later, he has appeared in over 100 runway shows, representing some of the top designers in Second Life.  He is a model for most of the major agencies in SL and has modeled for many print ads and store signs.  In 2009 he was chosen as the cover model for the premier issue of D2K Magazine.  Cody has been told that agency owners seek him out because of his professionalism, friendliness, dependability and attention to detail.

Outside of modeling, Cody has been active with the American Cancer Society Makeover Magic program in SL.  In this program, models are paired as a mentor with a RL cancer survivor.  The model works with the survivor to assist him or her in regaining a positive self image both in SL and RL.  This is accomplished by helping them select a new shape and skin, a new wardrobe, and by learning to walk and pose on the runway.  Finally, the cancer survivor and his or her mentor, walk in a runway show to demonstrate the survivor’s new look and self image.  It’s an awesome program and experience, and mentors and survivors often become lifelong friends.

And finally but most importantly, Cody is happily partnered with the love of his life, Billy Blaylock, with whom he lives on a farm in Sintra where they have horses, longhorn cows, turkeys, two cats, one dog. Cody and Billy are widely known for their Sunday Night Beach Party, which is held weekly at Boystown Beach and often attracts as many as 50+ party attendees.  Cody is also a dancer at BLU Dancebar in Boystown on Thursday evenings.

Please feel free to contact Cody anytime.  His email is and his website is


Full Name:  Cody Bolero
Rez Day: 15 November 2006
Location: USA Central time zone
Modeling Experience:  5 years

Cody Bolero headshot


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