Natasja_Schumann361 copy

Hey everyone! Today I have a really gorgeous gown for you all! Velma is a really beautiful dress fresh from the designers at Azul, and it comes in six stunning colours: Aqua, Ice, Moca (worn here), Olive, Onyx, and Pink. This means that if you buy them all, you’ll have a wide variety of colours, suited for almost any accessory you can think of!

-AZUL- Velma copy

This gown is perfect for a formal evening, with its long, draping attachment and the low, sexy cut that reveals both your shoulders and a good portion of your bust. It also has a daring cut along the left hip, letting you flaunt your firm thigh. Trust me, this dress is sure to make blood boil in every man around you!

So what are you waiting for? Hurry down to Azul and get Velma today!

Hair: Boon – booN GIC128 hair chocolate
Outfit: Azul – Velma


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